Veteran, Advocate, Photographer, Author & Speaker

CeCe is not only funny but she uses her charm and wit to disarm people and then deliver deep life lessons regarding reinventing ones-self after being in prison, that prison being either a mindset or a correctional facility.  Working with, hearing (experiencing) CeCe is guaranteed to be a life-changing event.

Starting with the "awkwardness" of stereotypes and prison statistics, CeCe delivers a powerful message followed with solutions that WORK.

From serving our country to doing time in prison,

 CeCe Espeut has become a prominent advocate, author and speaker about 2nd chances for Ex offenders.

Hoping to break the cycle and turn her life around, she learned how to have criminal records sealed, expunged or pardoned.

She speaks at re-entry programs, drug treatment centers, in jails and prisons where she inspires participants to set goals that will changes their lives. It all begins with baby steps and sometimes the only decision a person can make is that they want a different life.

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