CeCe Espeeut

Meet CeCe

CeCe’s life is centered on three core values: God, Family and Education. After serving as an Sgt in the United States Marine Corps for ten years, CeCe made a series of bad decisions and ended up in prison for her involvement in a drug conspiracy. After leaving prison and completing her probation she applied for and was granted clemency in 2012 by Florida Governor Rick Scott.  She is now in the process of applying for a Presidential Pardon.

CeCe speaks three to four times a week in jails, prisons and drug treatment centers to inmates from a place of intense passion & personal experience, expertly guiding them through the confusing process of how they can get their Florida criminal records sealed, expunged or pardoned and the emotional significance that has on them and their families.

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CeCe’s focus is restoring hope to her audience by telling her story of how strategic planning and goal setting changed her life. She is an expert at showing others how they can recover from mistakes. CeCe also gives presentations and leads seminars and workshops on topics related to overcoming adversity and personal growth development.

CeCe is not only funny, but she uses her charm & wit to disarm people and then deliver deep life lessons regarding reinventing ones-self after being in prison, that prison being either a mindset or a correctional facility. Working/hearing with (experiencing) CeCe is guaranteed to be a life-changing event.

Starting with the “awkwardness" of stereotypes & prison statistics, CeCe delivers a powerful message followed with solutions that work. CeCe sits on the board of the Broward County (FL) Re-Entry Coalition for Ex-Offenders.

CeCe Espeut started her photography business because she was uncomfortable explaining her 2 year employment gap. Now, years later she is a well-seasoned wedding photographer whose guilty pleasures include milk chocolate, social media and traveling the world. CeCe photographs about 40 weddings per year world-wide.  She picked up her first camera at 16 and has been in love with photography ever since. CeCe also writes in her spare time.